Different types of befriending

We provide different types of support to people in our local community.

One to One Befriending; This is where a volunteer will be matched with an elderly person in the community and will visit this person for one to two hours per week. Visits can be in the elderly person’s home or out and about in the community such as going for a coffee.

Telephone befriending; This is where a member of staff from Befriend Motherwell will call and speak to an elderly person over the phone once per week. This call is to check to see how the elderly person is getting on and to have an in general chat.

Group Befriending; At present we have six groups held at local sheltered housing complexes throughout Motherwell. The groups meet at the same time every week to catch up for a chat and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Activities are set up by a group coordinator and changes from week to week. Activities include for example; bowling, crafts, yoga, cake decorating and massage. Each group has the opportunity to input what activities they would like to partake in to ensure that that the group is enjoyable for all.

If you believe that someone you know may benefit from befriending or if you would like to volunteer with us then please following link contact.